tapestry. awakening. pure.

art movement: dada

The idea of Dada is far reaching and broad in definition. However, there is the one underlaying theme of "anything goes" as far as how to say what you want to say. I like how one piece of art categorized as Dada could look so very different from another.

In working with the words tapestry, awakening and pure, I was most interested in how the meaning of the words all bled into one another. At some point they even all meant the same thing to me. A tapestry broken down into it’s most basic form is quite technical, mathematical and clean in design. Pure. An awakening is a new beginning; a newly conceived form of thought. Pure.

The almond flowers, the almond pattern tapestry chart, the eye and the profiles all represent different aspects of Spring.

I used cut paper, chalk, pencil and photography to put together an image I thought would bring the words together in a way that would represent the essence of Spring and Dada.


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